MyStatCourse will officially retire on June 1st 2015.

Manage files

Instructors can upload multiple files at a time to share with their students. These files can be organized into directories such as lecture notes, data sets, etcÖ Instructors can also use the MyStatCourse whiteboard to post files of freehand graphs or mathematical derivations. This tool is particularly useful for those users with a tablet computer.


MyStatCourse offers a discussion board to facilitate both instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction. Instructors control the organization of the discussion board by posting topics. Both instructors and students can post messages within a topic with responses to each message kept in a single thread. Posts can include attached files or whiteboard creations as well. Instructor and grader posts are highlighted in red so that students can quickly identify them. Each post also contains a link to the personal profile of the poster to help users get to know each other a bit more. When viewing the discussion board, the number of new posts, which a user has not yet viewed, is displayed for all topics and individual messages. The discussion board can also be searched across all topics or within a single topic. MyStatCourse also allows instructors and students to communicate via email. Instructors can send email including attachments to the entire class or selected students.

Administer assignments

With MyStatCourse, instructors can create and administer assignments. Instructors can create multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, free response (essay) , file upload and multipart exercises. Instructors can also search for exercises in the MyStatCourse exercise database or the database of exercises provided by their textbook publisher. Exercises can be either static or algorithmic. Instructors also have the option of attaching one of their shared StatCrunch data sets to each exercise. This data set can be displayed inline within the exercise or externally at when the student views the assignment. By encouraging their students to use and to export their associated results, instructors have the capability of seeing their students work when viewing a studentís assignment as described below.

Grade assignments

All exercises except free response and file upload questions are automatically graded within MyStatCourse. A table of student scores on each MyStatCourse assignment is provided. Instructors can view and grade an individual studentís assignment by clicking on the studentís linked score. Instructors can also drill down into an individual assignment by clicking on the assignment link in the top row of the table. In this case, a new table containing the scores for each exercise within the assignment is displayed. By clicking on an exercise number, an instructor can easily grade all student responses to that exercise at one time. When grading an exercise, an instructor also has the option of providing student-specific or class-wide feedback.

Post links

With MyStatCourse you can easily maintian a list of external links which contain content for your students. If you have a great YouTube video on a statistical topic the links listing is the perfect place to post it.